Meet Boots2Suits and the Founders

About Boots2Suits:

Boots2Suits is the premier vehicle for Veterans transitioning from Military service, into civilian life as a business owner…and beyond.

This site is a dedication to their Entrepreneurial journey from the Battlefield to the Boardroom…

…from Boots2Suits.

Our goal is to be the ultimate one-stop destination for Veterans who have an interest in or questions regarding entrepreneurship. We strive to combine useful and actionable information and resources both in original content, product reviews, and tips as well as curated articles from other top business websites.

About the Founders:


Business Vet-presentative, OMAR BURGOS, Managing Partner of Genesis Private Fund & Co-Founder of Boots2Suits

Boots2Suits Co-Founder, Omar Burgos, is an Army Veteran and business owner in the Orlando Florida area. But that wasn’t always the case for this decorated former Army Sergeant.

“I wanted to be in the Army just like my dad and big brother. Growing up they we’re my heroes…like real life GI Joe’s.”

But all that changed on 2003 when while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq a bullet slammed into his chest ripping thru his kevlar vest where it tore thru his left lung. After being decorated with one of the military’s oldest and highest awards, The Purple Heart, the then Sgt. Burgos completed his 8-year career in 2004 and shortly after moved on to the next logical career…being a business owner.

“I had no backup plan or 2nd career in mind. Starting a business wasn’t a romanticized story of new life where I fired my alarm clock and became my own boss…it was raw desperation.”

“I figured if I could jump out of planes I could start a business.”

What started out as survival for Omar became a willingness to succeed and show others how to do the same. He is now the Managing Partner of a private equity group, Genesis Private Fund, Host & Producer of the Soldier to Entrepreneur Show, and CEO of a media company that gets new clients for business owners in select industries. He is also the President of the Veteran Business Association; hTHE business association for military veterans.

 “One of the hardest parts of building a business from scratch was…well, everything! I didn’t know anyone else who was going thru what I was going thru…” 

“…on top of that I had alot of questions like how do I start with hardly any money, where do I get customers, who’s gonna teach me this stuff…”  

Over the past few years Omar has had his hands in producing dozens of live training events and programs that have delivered results in people’s business from raising startup and operating capital (including over $1 Million dollars in funding for his own business) to increases in leads and clients…including tripling their profits in as little as 12-24 months.

The excitement is growing about the future and what is now possible for the veterans turned entrepreneurs who have joined him as the pioneers of a new chapter.


VIP Business Icon MIKE WARREN, Managing Partner of Time Equity Group & Co-Founder of Boots2Suits

Mike Warren is a self-taught serial entrepreneur that has been transforming businesses for over two decades. Mike did not grow up in an affluent family. In fact, he is a military “brat” as he likes to call himself.  

He grew up seeing the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots”. At a young age, he knew he wanted more.  By following his earliest passion for finding things and uncovering their value, he’s built a multi-million-dollar private equity firm, been a #1 international bestselling author and co-founded Boots2Suits, a company dedicated to helping veterans transition from the military into civilian business ownership.

His international number-one bestselling book, “The Exit Formula: How to Sell Your Business For 3x More Than It’s Worth Today” and co-authored another book with Jay Conrad Levinson, “Guerrilla Credit: How to get Cash and Credit For Any Business,” and collectively they have sold millions of copies worldwide.

A military veteran, Mike has made it his mission to empower companies and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to giving back to their communities and the world at large. Mike and his team help companies see the bigger vision of what they and their companies can be and how that translates to success for the company, their employees and the local community.


If you’re a veteran and have been looking for a way to Start, Fund or Grow your business ventures, then Boots2Suits is the place for you.

“For over 230 years America’s Veterans have transitioned from military service into Business ownership…it’s a tradition.”

-Omar Burgos, Founder, Boots2Suits